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We have an entire K-12 Biblical (Koine) Greek Curriculum complete with audio, video, digital, and print resources. Additionally, we have numerous Latin resources and an excellent book on rhetoric. If you are a school teacher, administrator, or leader and would like to speak to us about our products or bundles, please get in touch with us using the form below.


A note about the "Curriculum Map" and how it can be modified: 

There are 40 Resources (some include sets) listed here. Regardless of the grade one starts learning Greek in, it would be most advantageous to follow these resources in the numbered order given. Thus, if you started learning Greek in 6th grade, it would still be best to start with resource #1 (Ready For Greek) and work your way through to #40. Obviously, you will have to condense the time period in doing so. Nevertheless, this curriculum suite will work best if followed in order. It is certainly conceivable that this could be fit into 4 years as well, though with more selectivity. Also, note that works such as Speak Koine Greek and Handbook of Greek Grammatical Terms can be used as "reference" works and need not be worked all the way through but on an as-needed basis. There are always "forthcoming" works, too, that will help crystallize and/or accessorize the curriculum even more. Finally, we will continue growing this curriculum and we invite others to contribute either content. You do not need to be a teacher or have a PhD! Students, or students along with their teachers, can even create and submit resources or suggestions for resources. And if your institution or school is looking to adapt this curriculum for specific needs, let us know so we can work with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our website form. 

Classical Christian Education - Greek Curriculum