Pursuing Publication

If you are interested in pursuing publication with GlossaHouse, please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. Proposals are submitted to the Acquisitions Editor and then vetted by a board. All proposals should include the following, which you can copy and paste inside the "Message" section below or via the Contact page: 

a. The name of author(s).

b. The proposed title (and subtitle if pertinent).

c. If you are seeking inclusion in any of GlossaHouse's series, please indicate which one and at what Tier, if appropriate. For example, for the AGROS series, please note the type of resource within the AGROS series and its particular contribution to the AGROS Curriculum Suite.

d. The nature and extent of the work.

e. Projected word length.

f. Projected date of completion of the final draft.

Once a proposal is accepted an in-house handbook of guidelines will be given to each author.

Submit a Proposal