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1 Corinthians: A Beginning-Intermediate Reader

1 Corinthians: A Beginning-Intermediate Reader

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1 Corinthians: A Beginning-Intermediate Greek Reader by Jonathan B. Ensor is a Tier 3 GlossaHouse resource in the Accessible Greek Resources and Online Studies (AGROS) series. These Beginning-Intermediate Greek Readers are user-friendly guides for reading based upon The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (SBLGNT). Each book provides footnotes for all vocabulary words occurring 49 times or less, morphological and translational helps, and variants between SBLGNT and the standard critical editions of the Greek NT. Additionally, each chapter is introduced with a list of these infrequent vocabulary words that occur within the chapter. The list is sorted by word frequency as found in the chapter, arranged from most to least frequent.


Tier 3 resources are designed to build confidence in understanding Greek and to encourage the reading of the Greek New Testament by providing vocabulary glosses, morphological explanations, and translations helps. Any student who uses this book will be able to read directly from the Greek New Testament, to exercise his or her beginning Greek learning, and to see how grammatical and syntactical considerations affect meaning and translation in context.

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