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800 Words and Images Flashcard App Data Pack!

800 Words and Images Flashcard App Data Pack!

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People have come to love the book 800 Words and Images, an illustrated guide meant to help students on their journey toward learning and becoming fluent in ancient Koine Greek. This specific resource pairs the Greek vocabulary and images from 800 Words and Images, to give you an interactive learning experience that makes Koine Greek more enjoyable and memorable. This download (zip folder) contains digital flashcards for all vocabulary occurring in the print version of the book. The pictures train you to visualize what a Greek word means without an English translation. NOTE: There is a manual option for you to be able to upload the cards into Anki's freely downloadable software.

Additionally, the audio companion files (which can be purchased separately) also add the helpful dimension of sound; together these things engage a variety of senses, which assist students in internalizing the language more effectively. 800 Words and Images can function as a textbook or supplement to any ancient Greek class, Koine or Classical.

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