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Abraham-Isaac: Daily Devotions in the Biblical Languages

Abraham-Isaac: Daily Devotions in the Biblical Languages

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Daily Devotions in the Biblical Languages (DDBL) has been specifically designed to help readers maintain and grow their knowledge of the Biblical languages, while practicing the disciplines of daily Scripture reading and prayer. A survey of those working on polyglot linguistics (which all seminarians are striving to be) reveals that the presiding method is not to teach so as to handle grammar, but rather teach so as to read. DDBL is designed to have readers engaging the texts every day. This present volume provides morning and evening prayers and interlinear Scripture reading of the Genesis and Hebrews with high frequency vocabulary for review. The book is divided into two major sections with 28 days in each section. As such, it can serve as an additional course aid and help those who have already completed linguistic courses retain and continue sharpening their Greek and Hebrew skills. The hope for this series is that God’s people will read God’s Word in the original languages so that they would know God’s way of life.

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