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Even The Hero: Christian Basics From Romans 1-8

Even The Hero: Christian Basics From Romans 1-8

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If you’ve ever started reading Romans and thought, “I just can’t follow what Paul is saying here; it’s too deep for me,” then Even the Hero will clarify what seems murky and difficult. Paul’s letter to the believers in Rome is one of the most important theological documents ever written. Its influence on the Christian community throughout the centuries has been enormous. But its content is difficult, and Paul’s argument is often hard to follow. For people who would like to say, “Now here’s a part of the Bible I get,” this is a book for you. Dr. Charlie W. Starr has written this devotional commentary on Romans 1–8 in order to cover what he calls “Christianity 101,” the basics every Christian needs to know. The book is written for people who like to read and people who don’t, for people who are experts and for people who aren’t. Most of all, it’s written for people who want to know about the good news brought by Jesus Christ and preached by his Apostle Paul.

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