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GlossaHouse Digital Library - AV (1-Year Subscription)

GlossaHouse Digital Library - AV (1-Year Subscription)

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When you purchase GHDL-AV 1-year subscription, you will gain access to EVERY GlossaHouse audio, video, and digital resources (e.g. flashcard decks, etc.) released prior to the date of purchase and EVERY audio, video, and digital companion resource released within the following 365 days from the date of purchase. Currently, there are more than 30 a/v/dc resources. This includes all our audio companion files, Koine Immersion Series, language learning helps and videos, and more! 

Your purchase allows you to download all a/v/d resources. Within 24-hours of your purchase we will create your account and give you access to the GHDL. Want another option? Check out our GHDL+ option, which allows for a lifetime subscription to this library.

Also check out our GHDL-AV+ subscription for lifetime access!


GlossaHouse Digital Library Return and Refund Policy: No returns or refunds.
GlossaHouse Digital Library Terms of Service: By purchasing this product/service you are acknowledging the following.
GHDL-AV and GHDL-AV+ products/services are meant for individual use and printing, screenshots, or distribution of any content is strictly prohibited.
For lifetime subscriptions, "lifetime" means for the foreseeable future, for as long as GlossaHouse sees fit to offer this product/service. If this product/service is discontinued or if technological improvements make access to these files obsolete, customer access to the product/service will be determined at the discretion of GlossaHouse in pursuit of customer satisfaction.
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