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Greek Exegesis—New Testament Interpretation

Greek Exegesis—New Testament Interpretation

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A 12-Week class that meets 1 hour per week with Dr. Fredrick J. Long. We will work through the 12 Interpretive Steps as found in In Step with God's Word (pb), included FREE when you sign up. See more details HERE.

Highlights of this course:

  • consider Jesus's own profound embodiment of Scripture and its implications;
  • learn at your level (lay, pastor, and even post-graduate) and enter the interpretive journey;
  • work on short interpretive assignments that will develop interpretive muscles;
  • learn the skills of careful observation, probing context and word meanings;
  • delve into Greek analysis with proven methods of analysis;
  • study literary forms, historical backgrounds, and scriptural quotations and allusions;
  • move from interpretation into evaluation-application and biblical theology; and
  • finally, consider how best to present the truths of the passage.
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