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Illustrated Acts in Greek with The Greek New Testament (Tyndale House)

Illustrated Acts in Greek with The Greek New Testament (Tyndale House)

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The Illustrated Biblical Texts (GIBT) series provides innovative resources that will allow readers to have a more embodied and engaging experience with Scripture. This present volume includes the Acts of the Apostles from The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge. This new Greek edition of Acts is set within illustrations of narrative, monologue, and dialogue—the first of its kind. The ability to pair biblical Greek with artistic renderings has great value and allows Scripture to be contextualized and remembered in a way that words alone on the page simply cannot do. Below the Greek text and illustrations of Acts is provided the GlossaHouse English Version (GEV). This translation freshly considers best contextual English senses for every Greek word; an attempt is made to preserve word order significance and to accurately represent important features of the Greek text that are more emphasized and, therefore, more prominent. All of this was intended for the beginning student in mind, who may need help with Greek word meanings and understanding the significance of special constructions, like circumstantial participles, subordinate clauses, and direct and indirect discourse. This translation applies current research on linguistics and Greek grammar, emphasis constructions, orality, performance, and social-cultural backgrounds.

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