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Illustrated Joshua in Hebrew

Illustrated Joshua in Hebrew

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Illustrated Joshua in Hebrew by Jennifer M. Matheny belongs to the Illustrated Biblical Texts (GIBT) series which places the Bible in its original languages, embedded scene by scene in the context of Keith Neely’s evocative, full-color illustrations. The ancient languages within these illustrations provide visual cues for action, tension, and emotion, inviting an immersive reading experience. Supported with original English translations on each page, the graphic approach of the GIBT series will help you begin to think in the biblical language—to hear echoes of the authors’ own voices with the accents of their ancient dialects. Whether you are a beginning student of biblical languages or an accomplished scholar, our hope is that this fresh presentation of the ancient texts will ignite your imagination and turn the world of these words into an expansive, multicolored landscape in your mind’s eye.

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