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King Lesserlight's Crown

King Lesserlight's Crown

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A terrible Gloom steals King Lesserlight's heart and replaces it with an old ticking clock. Neither Poppy nor Perfect, who live in a slanted house, nor Lady Westwind, whose home leads to many countries, nor Jester, whose daylight astronomy involves "shooting stars," nor the Shepherd of the floating pools can say what's become of King's Joy. Princess Snow tells King his heart is gone while Dancing Sun shares his pain. In the Lore Lord's Valley, King receives a new heart but isn't healed. He wanders through mysterious caves, rides a flying moose, and visits Jack through all his yesterdays. But none of these encounters restores his heart or helps him find his lost Joy. His only hope is to go to the Castle of the Child. There, among rainbow fountains, moving paintings, playful hippos, mighty whirlwinds, flying pigs and the beautiful, magical Child himself, King Lesserlight's adventures really begin.

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