Koine Immersion Series, Volume 4

Koine Immersion Series, Volume 4

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The Koine Immersion Series is designed to help you learn, enjoy, and become more comfortable with the Greek language. In this fourth volume, Dr. Stephen Reasor, professor of Biblical Greek at Burman University, guides students through future and past tense verbs of the Greek language via the inductive approach. 

"The Inductive Approach" or "The Communicative Approach" introduces students to language learning in an interactive, fun, semi-immersive, and embodied way. It draws on the best insights from linguistic theory and language pedagogy to both bring the language to life and bring life to the language. The Koine Immersion series will have students listening to, speaking, reading, writing, and “watching” the language. The electronic format of this resource allows students to take short assessments along the way and receive instant feedback. 

In this fourth volume, students will learn: 

  • the active and middle forms and functions of the future tense
  • the active and middle forms and functions of the aorist (simple past) tense
  • prepositions
  • words relating to time, seasons, and weather

Our goal with this series is to help you or those you instruct learn Koine Greek in a way that is enjoyable and retainable. To learn more, watch the introductory video linked. 

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