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Level One Student Resource Book: Form and Function

Level One Student Resource Book: Form and Function

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This award winning resource explores the forms (grammar) and functions (syntax) of Koine Greek. It is a companion for the first level (including ebook volumes 1-3) of the Koine Immersion Series. This unique combination of print and digital media provides both interactive content and hands-on learning. The following learning objectives, assignments, and activities are designed to help students solidify what they learn in this series. The first section of this workbook contains lesson plans that describe assignments, learning objectives, and descriptions of grammar, syntax, and vocab learned in each lesson. The second section contains worksheets that help students absorb lessons and demonstrate their progress. The third section is a reader that consists of most of the pictures and text included in the various learning videos in the ebooks. The fourth section is a summary reference of the grammar, syntax, and vocab covered in level one of the Koine Immersion Series.

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