Psalms Remixed: Ancient Hebrew Poetry in English Spoken Word

Psalms Remixed: Ancient Hebrew Poetry in English Spoken Word

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This book, the initial volume in a small collection of re-mixed psalms, showcases the first forty-one psalms. It aims to engage them in their ancient Hebrew language and context, transforming them into vibrant, contemporary English spoken word. While doing so, it maintains a deep respect for the original, honoring its roots while giving it a fresh twist for a new generation. Each remix follows the original verse by verse, ensuring that every emotion and piece of wisdom remains. Yet, the transformation isn’t just in the words. Every remixed psalm gets a new title that reflects its modern makeover. each psalm is also paired with a powerful photo to highlight and deepen its message, a move which really gives this volume a nice magazine feel. These photos, like the spoken word, invite each reader to stop, think, feel, and connect with God through the psalm. As an added bonus, the audio/video for each psalm can be obtained for free on the ProveText podcast. 

To get a look inside, watch the video below (or here:

Also, check out the new Psalm 1 spoken word video, which follows the Psalm 1 rendition in this book:

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