Songs from the Heart - 心中音乐

Songs from the Heart - 心中音乐

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Purchase / Download includes: 1) All 9 mp3s; 2) Lyric pages for all 9 songs; and, 3) A link to download lyric videos for all 9 songs.


《心中音乐》这张专辑是我们从内心深处发出来的敬拜诗歌与感恩奉献。愿这些赞美诗歌能够吸引全世界的华人教会相信福音,经历复兴,宣告宝贵的圣经信息,透过圣灵的大能履行大使命,“使各方、各国、各族的人都来事奉”(但以理书 7:14)我们的救赎主耶稣基督,全世界的唯一盼望。


This album “Songs from the Heart” is our thank offering of worship songs that arises from the very core of our being. May these songs of praise encourage Chinese churches the world over to believe the gospel, experience revival, proclaim the precious message of the Bible, and through the power of the Holy Spirit carry out the Great Commission, “that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve” (Daniel 7:14) our redeemer Jesus Christ, the world’s one and only hope.

Songs from the Heart - 心中音乐

  • Song List

    1 祢是心中音乐

    (“You’re the Song in My Heart”)


    2 哦主

    (“O Lord”)


    3 唯一盼望

    (“My Only Hope”)


    4 是祢

    (“It’s You”)


    5 怎能如此

    (“How Can it Be?”)


    6 我是谁?

    (“Who am I?”)


    7 我要跟随祢

    (“I Will Follow You”)


    8 我要赞美我救赎主

    (“I Will Praise My Redeemer”)


    9 You’re the Song in My Heart

    (English version of theme song)

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