Start Here - Grammatical Foundations (Video + PDFs)

Start Here - Grammatical Foundations (Video + PDFs)

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Start Here! Grammatical Foundations: English Grammar for Students of New Testament Greek (A Student-Friendly Video Series). As the title suggests, this resource is video-oriented (for audio, see the sister resource) but also contains pdfs. Created by T. Michael W. Halcomb years ago, this new-old project (forged first under the banner of CKI but now brought to GH) is divided up into 6 main lessons and contains around 5+ hours of grammatical instruction. Each lesson consists of a number of short, user-friendly / student-friendly lessons and takes note of nearly 200 grammatical concepts that English learners / speakers who want to venture into learning Koine Greek should find helpful.  We hope these videos will assuage some of the fears that students, especially beginners, have when journeying into learning Koine Greek.

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