The Pronunciation of Koine Greek (Course)

The Pronunciation of Koine Greek (Course)

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In this short, accessible, and down-to-earth video series, Dr. T. Michael W. Halcomb teaches viewers how to pronounce Koine Greek. While he himself prefers to use the Koine Era Pronunciation (KEP; also known as "Reconstructed"), throughout these lessons he also speaks about similarities and differences with Erasmian and Modern Greek. Using the first chapter of Mark's Gospel, he walks learners through the details of pronunciation with the goal that, at the end, they'll be empowered to begin trying to read Koine aloud with confidence. This product contains just under 3 hours of how-to/instructional videos. It is innovative, accessible, and affordable. If you're interested in the pronunciation of Koine Greek, check this resource out. 

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