Collection: GlossaHouse Illustrated Biblical Texts (GIBT)

Each volume in the Illustrated Biblical Texts series presents the ancient languages of the Bible embedded within the context of evocative, full-color illustrations. These innovative resources will help students of biblical languages immediately to distinguish narrative from discourse and to pick up on visual cues of action, tension, and emotion. Biblical languages will no longer be thought of as “dead” languages in the minds of students—codes to be deciphered into usable English; instead these writings will come alive as actual communication, vehicles used by ancient authors to express their stories in the idiom of their own hearts. These resources will help you hear the ancient voices, thick with the accent of their ancient dialects. Whether you are a beginning student of biblical languages, or a seasoned scholar, this fresh presentation of the ancient text will ignite your imagination, and turn the world of these words into an expansive, multicolored landscape in your mind’s eye.